Rose City Politics. 8PM. TONIGHT! Estimate to construct 43 parking spots come in almost $400,000 more than the bogus estimate that was used to sell a false business case to the taxpayers from the people we elected to handle our tax dollars. Mayor says in CBC article today "$507,000 figure was calculated five years ago". If only the voters could fix today mistakes we made years ago. Sadly for the Mayor the "looking out for the taxpayers money" (Elliot, Borrelli, Gignac, ... See More Payne, Francis and Sleiman) Councillors will obviously have to vote against this because as Councillor Fred Francis, said in a Windsor Star article from Aug. 5th 2015 when voting down spending $400,000 for large item garbage pick up “I can’t vote for something that I know is eventually going to lead to increased property taxes when it doesn’t solve the problem it’s trying to solve.” Can't wait for those new Library estimates to come rolling in. "Well look at that, it's only $6000 to build a new library", you cant argue the value on that project, sign away. If politicians keep feeding voters bullshit and telling you it's Fruit Loops, and you keep eating it, then they are not the problem, you are.
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